Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

: 2016  |  Volume : 20  |  Issue : 2  |  Page : 149--150

The Endocrine Society of India - A way forward

Shashank R Joshi1, Krishna G Seshadri2,  
1 President, Endocrine Society of India, and Consultant Endocrinologist, Lilavati and Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai, India
2 Secretary, Endocrine Society, and Professor and Head, Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai, India

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Krishna G Seshadri
Professor and Head, Endocrinology Diabetes and Metabolism, Sri Ramachandra University, 1 Ramachandra Nagar, Porur, Chennai - 600 116

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Joshi SR, Seshadri KG. The Endocrine Society of India - A way forward.Indian J Endocr Metab 2016;20:149-150

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Joshi SR, Seshadri KG. The Endocrine Society of India - A way forward. Indian J Endocr Metab [serial online] 2016 [cited 2021 Jun 21 ];20:149-150
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Many of the readers of the journal may be aware that the journal is owned by the Endocrine Society of India (ESI). Over the years the growth of the journal has mirrored the growth of the society - in numbers and in strength. Formed as a group that brought the small mostly academic endocrine community the society now represents the aspirations of close to a thousand members most of whom are in full time clinical care. With increasing number of training programs in the country the society is constantly enriched by young members who will soon become the largest section of this society.

The society was built by the efforts over two decades leaders who have provided it a strong foundation a platform from which the society needs to consolidate rejuvenate and grow - in order to continue to be relevant to its members and the regional national and global community that it serves. This editorial is an effort to stoke the flames that will kindle and propel the society forward in that direction.

Based on our discussions with members of the society we have outlined some ways forward for the society. Our hope is that with the input and participation of its members the ESI will grow in strength for the sake of its members and the community it serves.

Strengthening the constitutional processes established: The ESI has a vibrant and dynamic constitution created by its founders that has stood the test of time. The constitution has created due processes that guide the functioning and governance of the society. Timely amendments that address the needs of a growing organisation have allowed the society to expand and grow while nurturing and retaining the spirit in which was founded. A robust committee system has been created in the recent past that will take the society into a participatory style of functioning. We propose to strengthen the committee system by (a) expanding the number of committees (b) involving the committees in the day to day functioning of the society (c) linking the committee to its constitutional function and (d) including young leaders in committees to add vigour and growth in the societyParticipatory growth enabled through technology: If society has to be relevant to its members, the members must participate in its activities growth and governance. From elections to guidelines members must feel that they are involved, consulted and part of the process. It is only through this participation that the society can grow. Technology is a great enabler in this process. In the coming months the society's website will adapt to the need of its members and aspiring members making it easy to become a member, track status of applications, contest and vote in elections, review and comment on publications and actions of the society, connect with colleagues and patients. In a graded process this will move to a mobile phone. A e-newsletter will reach out to members that will highlight society programs member's achievements etc., The technologic growth the society will again be an opportunity for young leaders to participate in the functioning of their societyImproving responsiveness and transparency: The society exists for and because of its members. The ESI is committed to creating processes that are transparent and responsive. It is our endeavour that every query to the society will be answered in a time bound fashion. Membership, research and other requests of members will be addressed in a transparent manner with a clear standard operating procedure. The standard operating procedure for each process will be available to members online and the status of each query will be available to the members on request. The office bearers of the society will be accountable to its members. The strong committee system and the transparency created will create a fair honest and accountable society.Being relevant to the community: No professional body can function in isolation from the community it serves. The ESI intends to be the organisation that India turns to in its quest for reliable information on endocrinology and endocrinologists. Over time the ESI site will have a member directory with services available for the public with reliable multilingual information on endocrine diseases. The society will create outreach programs and help members create such programs for the community that they serve. The society will also develop a strong advocacy portfolio (the advocacy committee already exists) that will allow the voice of its members be heard in important policy decisions and public discourse concerning endocrinology and endocrinologistsInvesting in the future of ESI and endocrinology: Our growing number of young members is the strength of the ESI. Harnessing the talent and strength of our young members is key to the future of the ESI. As our young members become part of the activities and the governance of the society, they and the society will grow. We propose to induct one member who is less than 5 years in the society into each committee and function as part of it. In addition, the society will create programs that address needs of growing endocrinologists including practice management, networking etc., A young leaders forum may be created in consultation with members. In order to address training needs, the society will create a document that will allow planners design curricula relevant for the practice of endocrinology in India. The society's engagement with trainees through research grants and award programs will be strengthenedStrengthening regional presence: The process of amending the constitution of the society to create state chapters of the ESI was started in response to member requests two years ago. The state chapters will be a vital part of the society giving reach and nourishment at its root. The formation of the state chapters is expected to be completed soon. From the year 2017 the annual conference will be awarded to state chapters only. The relationship between the state chapters and the society will be interdependent, promoting regional autonomy and independence to respond to varied needs of members in different parts of the country while preserving the framework and values of the societyThe journal: The journal has been the mouthpiece of the society and has provided a platform for aspiring and established researchers. The open access format, strong fundamentals and a dedicated editorial team under the able guidance of the Editor in Chief have seen the quick rise of the IJEM. The IJEM has always been editorially independent. A note on the journal has been included in this editorial only to reinforce the editorial independence of the journal. The society will not use its offices to influence the content of the journal. The journal will in its part we hope, align itself with the values of the society and create continue and reinforce processes that will strengthen the mission of the society that include transparency, fairness, disclosure and adherence to good publication practice.

This unusual step of (and we hope, rare) communication through the journal is an attempt by the ESI to seek out its members and well wishers to be an active part of the society, and contribute to its continued growth and development. We seek your active comments, critiques and ideas and also your time and effort for the society to propel it forward. The list that we have created is ambitious; but with the strength of the society and its members we know that this can be done. This wish list is not tenure bound but hopes to catalyse movement in a direction that is required. We know that this can be done because we are moving up on a strong foundation created by our predecessors who led this society to a position of strength that we are in - for which we are ever grateful.